Genetron Health Announces Strategic Partnership with the National Brain Tumor Registry of China


BEIJING, 14 January 2020 - Genetron Health, a China-based precision oncology company that covers full-cycle cancer care, has formed a strategic partnership with the National Brain Tumor Registry of China (“NBTRC”) to provide molecular diagnosis data and strategic support and services, which is the only involved molecular diagnostic company.

NBTRC applies the registration method to research the epidemiology of tumors, current treatments, and clinical efficacy. It aims to build a professional public platform for clinical research to support large-scale, multi-center, high-quality, clinical diagnosis and treatment research based on Big Data of brain tumors. 

Professor Liwei Zhang, Chairman of the Executive Committee of NBTRC, states that Big Data development is crucial for healthcare in China and the completion of the Big Data platform has major implications for both academic development and national strategy.

As a leading precision oncology company in China, Genetron Health possesses diverse testing technologies and the only two approved brain tumor genetic testing assays in China. With advanced technologies, accredited clinical laboratories, a world-class bioinformatics analysis platform, an in-house interdisciplinary team of distinguished scientists and professionals, reliable operations for full-cycle monitoring, Genetron Health will provide thorough, precise and standardized molecular diagnosis data and support to the NBTRC platform.

“As a practitioner of gene technology for brain tumors, Genetron Health has collected genetic data on tens of thousands of brain tumor patients, which will strongly support the Big Data platform for brain tumors and contribute to future developments in tumor screening, diagnosis and treatment” said Fengling Zhang, Vice President of Genetron Health.

China governmental authorities, including the Statistical Information Center of National Health Commission and the Scientific and Technical Documentation Press, have expressed full support for the platform.

About Genetron Health

Genetron Health is a leading and fast-growing precision oncology company in China that specializes in cancer molecular profiling. We harness advanced technologies in molecular biology and data science to transform cancer treatment. Driven by our mission to transform cancer treatment and prevention globally by driving technological innovation and accelerating the adoption of precision oncology medicine, we offer our products and services through three business units: diagnosis and monitoring, early screening, and development services. Genetron was founded in 2015 and is based in Beijing, China.

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