Genetron Health’s Social Contribution Campaign to Make Precision Medicine More Accessible


BEIJING, Dec. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (“Genetron Health” or the “Company”, NASDAQ: GTH), a leading precision oncology platform company in China that specializes in offering molecular profiling tests, early cancer screening products and companion diagnostics development, announced the launch of the “Lung Loves New Life” genetic testing campaign, in collaboration with the China Primary Health Care Foundation. As the sole corporate donor, Genetron Health will provide free genetic testing services (using its 8-gene lung cancer assay) for 10,000 Chinese lung cancer patients. These tests will become an important reference for patients to customize their follow-up treatment regimens.

Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) accounts for about 80%1 of all lung cancer cases, and the common driver gene mutation is EGFR. Meanwhile, identifying rare driver gene mutations is also crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. This particular project will leverage 8-gene lung cancer assays and testing services provided by Genetron Health. It will give these “EGFR negative” lung cancer patients more opportunities for optimal targeted therapy.

With the development of modern medicine, the treatment of lung cancer has gradually evolved from traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy models guided by pathological classification, into targeted treatment models guided by molecular diagnostics. Adhering to the spirit of the “Healthy China 2030” plan, to assist clinicians make diagnosis and treatment plans for lung cancer, and to standardize the procedures, the latest edition of the “Guiding Principles for the Clinical Application of New Anticancer Drugs (2020 edition)” states that the use of oncology drugs should not only be based on the results of pathological diagnosis, but should also follow the principles of gene detection, subsequently using targeted drugs to treat lung cancer.

Genetron Health’s 8-gene Lung Cancer Assay is based on the company’s proprietary One-Step Seq Method, enabling the detection of eight different gene mutations and fusions that are closely linked to targeted therapies in NSCLC patients. These assays can assist with a range of services such as medication guidance, molecular typing, and prognosis assessments.

The use of Genetron Health’s “One-step Seq Method” technology shortens the gene library construction time from the traditional time frame of 1-2 days to just 1.5 hours, issuing test reports in as fast as two days after the receipt of samples. Manual operations require just five minutes, enabling testing experts to avoid sample exposure and potential contamination. Genetron Health’s lung cancer genetic testing technology was adopted by a joint initiative with the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, which has won the second prize of China’s National Science and Technology Progress Award.

“With support from our foundation and sequencing institutions, we hope that more patients will benefit from accessible genetic tests. We expect to standardize the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, and promote the development of precision medicine,” said Yixin Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Primary Health Care Foundation. “We hope that in the future, there will be more companies that are as enthusiastic about public welfare as Genetron Health is, and are committed to improving precision medicine accessibility. We also hope that more companies can join our public welfare projects to introduce practical and effective medical diagnostic testing and treatment services to a wider range of people.”

“Targeted therapies cannot exist without genetic testing. AstraZeneca will join hands with the China Primary Health Care Foundation to initiate more donation projects, in order to standardize the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer,” said Joan Zhu, Vice President of AstraZeneca China, who also participated at the launch event.

“With our mission, ‘Defeat Cancer, Protect Life’, Genetron Health is committed to improving the accessibility of precision oncology in three areas: products & services, technology research and development, and the initiation of new concepts,” said Sizhen Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Genetron Health. “We look forward to working with more partners like the China Primary Health Care Foundation and AstraZeneca, in order to fully implement social programs that promote the accessibility of genetic testing services and benefit more cancer patients. It is our goal to help bring real changes and contribute in building a ‘Healthy China’.”


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The China Primary Health Care Foundation was established on December 30, 1996, under the joint sponsorship of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, non-profit organization with independent legal personality with the purpose of funding and developing the primary health care in poor areas of China.

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